People’s Streets – Payne Avenue Project



People’s Streets Cleveland is a grassroots initiative run by volunteers from varying backgrounds who came together to create streets that better serve people. We envision creating connections between diverse neighborhoods, safer streets for all ages and modes of travel, and welcoming places where people embrace their full humanities. Starting with the Payne Avenue corridor, we will reimagine a more vibrant streetscape. 

People’s Streets Cleveland is painting the crosswalks and curb extensions along Payne Avenue at East 22nd Street, East 23rd Street, East 30th Street, East 32nd Street, East 37th Street, and East 39th Street and is striping temporary bike lanes on the Payne Avenue bridge over I-90.  The vibrant design will not only add a sense of cultural placemaking to the street, but also better protect pedestrians and cyclists by calming traffic and elevating their visibility.  This will be the first project of its kind in the City of Cleveland.  

This is a temporary improvement to advocate for safer streets and crossings when the Payne Avenue roadway is repaved and reconstructed.

What is a curb extension?

A curb extension is a way to calm a street’s environment by making a road more narrow. Curb extensions also shorten your walk across the street while creating more space for benches and plants! When used at an intersection, curb extensions can help drivers turn more slowly and notice pedestrians in the crosswalk.

What is an enhanced crosswalk?

Enhanced crosswalks make pedestrians more visible to drivers and help them cross safely. The design of the Payne Avenue crosswalks incorporates colors and motifs that are common in many Asian cultures, and complements the red and gold AsiaTown street toppers.


  • Downtown Cleveland Residents
  • AsiaTown Advisory Committee
  • MidTown Cleveland, Campus District Inc.
  • City of Cleveland
  • Clevelanders for Public Transit
  • Bike Cleveland 
  • Mike Sobeck
  • Spindrift Management

Made possible by generous contributions from:

  • SPIN through their SPIN Streets program
  • NOACA through their Street Supplies program