City of Cleveland Primary Election Voter Guide



September 14, 2021 is the City of Cleveland Primary Election for Mayor and City Council.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland asked questions of each of the candidates; candidate answers are unedited. Translation provided by Asian Services in Action, Inc. and MidTown Cleveland, Inc. with support by Cleveland VOTES.

You may vote early in-person, by mail, or in-person on September 14th at your polling location.

Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

(1) Justin Bibb:

Better law enforcement and systemic, accountable police reform are two sides of the same coin. I’m the only major candidate in this race to publicly endorse the Citizens for a Safer Cleveland ballot initiative. Comprehensive, citizen-led oversight will lead to police reform, improve law enforcement, save taxpayers’ money, rebuild trust, and most importantly save lives. I plan to reduce violence and increase public safety through evidence-based violence interrupter programs, educational and job-training programs for teens and young adults, more after school and recreational programs, fighting for better gun laws that takes illegal firearms off the streets, and successful community re-entry programs like Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s “Project Care” that offered citizens returning from prison the opportunity to transition back into society. Better law enforcement and systemic, accountable police reform are two sides of the same coin. As mayor, I’ll ensure we have both to stop crime.


(2) Ross Dibello

I support the initiative. I would fund independent accountability agencies at appropriate levels and support member independence. Re-allocate officers from downtown, hire more mental health, social work and code enforcers. Revamp the municipal laws like de-criminalizing marijuana and loitering. Create more diversion centers with more beds. Make sure independent law enforcement agencies are policing with compassion and not enforcing fare evasions. Using well-tracked data to make sure we have no statistically significant racial disparities and respond to public records requests in good faith. Hire more diverse and local public safety employees. We must root out poverty by creating a fair economy where we support new and small businesses in every neighborhood as opposed to handouts to downtown billionaires. This includes using those saved funds to clean up vacant properties and putting them towards year-long wrap around services for our vulnerable youth.

我支持这项倡议。 我将适量地资助独立的责任机构,并支持成员的独立性。 重新分配市中心的警官,雇佣更多的心理健康类、社工及法规执行人员。 修改市政法律,例如将大麻和街头滞留合法化。 加建有更多床位的分流中心。 确保独立执法机构以同情心监管,而不是以警力处置逃票行为。 使用有迹可循的数据来确保我们没有统计上显着的种族分配不均问题,并真诚地回应对公共记录的查看请求。 雇佣更多本地且多元化的公共安全从业人员。 我们必须通过创建一个公平的经济坏境来根除贫困,我们支持每个社区的新企业和小型企业,而不是把钱扔给市中心的亿万富翁。 这包括使用那些节省下来的资金清理空置房产,并将它们转用于青少年这个弱势群体,为其提供为期一年的重叠式服务。

(3) Basheer Jones

I support the Citizens for a Safer Cleveland initiative that will be on the November ballot. Public Safety will be among the top priorities of a Jones Administration, and I believe this – if passed – this initiative will set a precedent for how we police communities and the role citizens can play in ensuring our communities are safer. As far as crime and other complaints are concerned, that is indicative of much larger social issues that need to be addressed such as providing better education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunity. People commit crime and become a nuisance when they lack hope and opportunity to improve their lives. My plans to tackle these issues will ultimately reduce the larger crime problem in our community. Additionally, if elected, my administration will create and implement a plan to diversify our safety forces and get back to community policing. I will also improve the way we respond to 911 calls by creating a mobile crisis unit.

我支持11月关于“公民诉求一个更安全的克利夫兰“的投票倡议。公共安全将是琼斯政府的首要任务之一,且我相信 -如果通过- 这项倡议将成为一个先例,为我们如何监管社区,以及公民在确保社区安全度提升一事上应扮演的角色,做出指导。就犯罪和其他投诉而言,它意味着诸多更大的社会问题有待处理,例如提供更好的教育、就业和创业机会。 当人们缺乏希望和机会去改善他们的生活时,他们就会犯罪并成为滋扰者。 我为解决这些问题所做出的计划,最终会降低我们社区中更大的犯罪问题。 此外,如果我当选,我的政府将制定并实施一项计划,使我们的安全部队多样化,并重拾社区警务。我也会通过创建一个移动危机部门来改进我们回应 911 呼叫的方式。

(4) Kevin Kelley

I support police accountability but do not support the proposed charter amendment. My Safe Neighborhoods Now plan has three basic pillars: 1) give police the support, tools and training they need to do the difficult job of policing; 2) institute true community policing that is tailored to each neighborhood. This will include neighborhood safety centers, foot patrols, bike patrols, and a community relations committee in every district; 3) attacking the root causes of crime, which include poverty, hopelessness, and disinvestment.

我支持警察问责制,但不支持关于修正章程的提议。我的“当下安全社区”计划有三个基本支柱:1) 提供警察所需的支持、手段和培训去执行艰巨的警务工作; 2)为每个社区量体裁衣地建立适合的社区警务。 这将包括每个地区的社区安全中心、步行巡逻、自行车巡逻和社区关系委员会; 3) 打击犯罪的根源,包括贫困、绝望和撤资。

(5) Dennis Kucinich

As Mayor, I intend to create a Civic Peace Department which will be present in areas where violence is percolating, get to the root causes of violence, and ameliorate it with 100 trained crisis intervention specialists who are trained in conflict resolution. We will hire at least 400 new police with training in racial sensitivity and constitutional law, to protect our neighborhoods against gangs, drive-by shootings, car jackings and robberies. We will reclaim our streets from violent criminal elements. For those criminals who are not violent, we will emphasize restorative justice and rehabilitation with programs that help offenders rejoin civil society. Cleveland has the money in the budget to hire more police, but the past city leadership failed to do so. The city had over $30 million in unencumbered general funds and another $40 million in the “rainy day” fund, but chose not to spend it at a time when neighborhoods are being overrun by crime. I oppose the charter amendment.

作为市长,我打算在暴力渗透的地区创建一个公民和平部门,找到暴力的根源,并透过 100 名在冲突消解的专业上训练有素的危机干预专家一起改善它。 我们将雇佣至少 400 名接受过种族敏感性和宪法培训的新警察,来保护我们的社区免受帮派、驾车枪击、劫车和抢劫的侵害。 我们将从暴力犯罪分子手中夺回我们的街道。对于那些没有暴力行为的罪犯,我们会通过协助罪犯重返社会的计划,重点着手于恢复性司法和康复项目。克利夫兰的预算中有足够的钱来雇佣更多的警察,但过去的市政府领导层没有这样做。 克利夫兰市有超过 3000 万美元的未支配普通资金和另外 4000 万美元的“雨天”基金,却在社区犯罪行为猖獗之际选择不用它。我反对章程修正案。

(6) Zack Reed

My plan to improve public safety is a proactive one. I plan on implementing the Cure Violence model, which addresses this problem from a public health perspective of violence prevention. I also plan on ensuring that our entire police department is fully staffed and held accountable with the proper training and equipment. I will emphasize the need for Crisis Intervention Training for our officers to better deal with mental health issues that arise in the community.

我改善公共安全的计划是一项前瞻性的计划。 我计划实施治愈暴力模式,从预防暴力的公共卫生角度解决这个问题。 我还计划确保我们整个警察部门人员配备齐全,并以适当的培训及设备而尽责。 我会强调危机干预培训对于我们警官的必要性,以更好地处理社区中出现的心理健康问题。

(7) Sandra Williams

I support police accountability initiatives that have both public and agency oversight. I believe the police accountability initiative on the November ballot is a step in the right direction but needs some improvements to make sure actual accountability measures are being taken and goals are being achieved. As Mayor, I will change the way we approach calls to 911, most calls should be handled by different entities than uniform police, calling 911 is misdirecting our forces. We need uniformed police to be working on reducing violent crimes instead of cases best rectified through an intervention team designed to deal with addiction & mental health issues. A team of intervention specialists made up of social workers, mental health professionals, and law enforcement will be working as a team to address the original emergency as many calls are often dealing with mental health issues. This will be a full time role within the City.

我支持由大众和代理机构共同监督的警察问责倡议。 我相信 11 月投票的警察问责倡议是朝着正确方向迈出的一步,但需要一些改进以确保实际的问责措施确有实行,目标确有实现。 作为市长,我将改变我们处理911呼叫的方式,大多数呼叫本该由非制服警力的其他单位去处理, 当下的911呼叫 对警力是一种误导。 我们需要制服警察致力于减少暴力犯罪,而非那些最好由专门处理成瘾和精神健康问题的干预小组来矫正的案件。 由社工、心理健康专业人士和执法人员组成的干预专家团队将作为一个团队一起工作,以解决原本的紧急情况,因为许多电话经常是在处理心理健康问题。 这将会是城市内的一个全职任务。

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

(1) Justin Bibb:

We must live by and be held accountable to the principle that every neighborhood is vital to our future as a city. By focusing on our most vulnerable residents – children, seniors, those with disabilities, veterans, people in poverty, — we will improve our quality of life and reduce inequality by directing resources to produce physically and socially safe, economically thriving, and well-served neighborhoods. As Mayor, I will bring a real commitment to enforcement, increased funding for screening and testing in public housing complexes and schools to minimize lead positioning in our city. I will also work with local organizations like the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition, activists, and advocates to engage and educate the community on lead prevention resources and efforts. My Administration will also support the implementation of the Lead Safe Certification program to ensure property owners are in compliance.

我们必须秉承这样一个原则:每个邻里对我们未来作为一个城市都至关重要。我们要聚焦于最弱势的居民群体 -儿童、老年人、残疾人、退伍军人、贫困者- 将资源投入于营造安全的物理环境和社会环境,实现经济繁荣和社区的优质服务,以此提高我们的生活质量并减少不平等。作为市长,我将真正致力于计划的执行,为公共住宅区和学校的筛查和测试增加资金,由此将我们城市的铅中毒减至最低。 我还将与当地组织合作,如克利夫兰铅安全联盟、活动家和倡导者,来鼓励和教育社区大众去获取关于铅预防的资源并行动起来。我的政府还将支持铅安全认证计划的实施,以确保业主遵守规定。

(2) Ross Dibello

I would depend on CLASH and LSCC and other advocacy groups to see where the current legislation needs strengthened. I want to make sure day care facilities must be sufficiently abated and would ask for that to be included in legislation. This would be a priority for me in budgeting. We have to enforce that kids are not suffering this brain damage. We have to hire more attorneys in the legal department and talk with the Housing Court to actually enforce the legislation. We have to set aside funds from the ARPA to give grants out to landlords who need to get this work done and market the new lead-safe help line. Lobby the Federal and State governments to give even more assistance. Provide temporary stay locations for families while the home they are living in undergoes the necessary abatement procedure.

我将依靠 CLASH 和 LSCC 以及其他倡导团体来了解当前立法需要加强的地方。 我想确保日托机构减排工作的彻底而充分,并将此要求纳入立法。 这将是我在预算中的一个优先事项。 我们必须强制确保孩子们不会遭受这种脑损伤。 我们必须在法律部门聘请更多的律师,并与住房法庭进行交谈,以确保立法的实际执行。 我们必须从 ARPA 中拨出资金,一方面资助需要完成这项工作的房主们,另一方面为新出台的铅安全热线做宣传。游说联邦和州政府提供更多援助。当住户家庭的房屋正在经历必要的减排程序,为其提供临时住所。

(3) Basheer Jones

Programs are currently in place to address the issue of lead poisoning in Cleveland but more can be done. For example, landlords and residents currently have to jump through too many hoops to remedy a problem they didn’t create. One policy I would propose is to simplify the process for landlords and residents to receive assistance with lead testing and removal. If lead is identified at a property, the owner will receive the resources to remove it. With the millions of dollars currently in this community to address lead, this is feasible. We just need to cut the bureaucracy and get the resources to where they are most needed. I will also make it mandatory that all children under 5 in Cleveland schools be tested for lead.

目前有一些处理铅中毒问题的计划已经就位,但还有更多工作需要落实。 例如,房东和居民目前不得不克服种种障碍来解决他们没有制造的问题。 我提出的一项政策是简化房东和居民获得铅检测和清除援助的流程。 如果在房产中发现了铅,业主将收到用以移除它的资源。 考虑到该社区目前有数百万美元用于解决铅问题,这是可行的。 我们只需要停止官僚作风,把资源送到最需要的地方。 我还将强制执行克利夫兰学校的所有 5 岁以下儿童接受铅检测。

(4) Kevin Kelley

Council passed ordinance number 747-2019 requiring all residential rental units constructed before January 1, 1978 must have lead-safe certification from the Director of Building and Housing according to a schedule established by the Director. All units must be certified by March 1, 2023. In addition the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition was formed to be the community outreach arm of the lead safe effort. In addition to community outreach, the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition is charged with raising money for the effort. Thus far, millions of dollars have been raised for lead remediation.

市议会通过了第 747-2019 号法令,要求所有在 1978 年 1 月 1 日之前建造的住宅出租单元必须根据建筑和住房署署长发布的时限规定,获得其颁发的铅安全认证。 所有单元必须在 2023 年 3 月 1 日之前获得认证。此外,克利夫兰铅安全联盟成立,以作为铅安全工作的社区外展机构。 除了社区外展外,克利夫兰铅安全联盟还负责为这项工作筹集资金。 迄今为止,它已为铅修复筹集了数百万美元。

(5) Dennis Kucinich

I will initiate aggressive policies to spare citizens young and old from exposure to lead. We need teachers and staff to help identify children whose health and development may have been compromised by lead poisoning. We must have intensive lead testing of children to detect elevated blood levels of lead. When this is found, we must prevent further exposure to lead. We must build 20,000 new units of low and moderate income housing which will be free of lead paint and free of lead pipes. Since Cleveland is a world medical center, we must involve, more deeply, the Cleveland health community to identify and treat those children who have been poisoned. We must also test for lead, and other heavy metals, the blood levels of inmates at various institutions, to determine if chelation and other therapies may be of benefit

我将启动强又有力的政策,使年轻和年长的公民免于铅污染。 我们需要教师和工作人员帮助识别可能因铅中毒而健康和发育状况受损的儿童。 我们必须对儿童进行密集的铅检测,以发现血液中铅含量的升高。 当发现这种情况时,我们必须防止铅暴露的恶化。 我们必须新建2万套无含铅油漆和不含铅管的中低收入住房。 既然克利夫兰是世界医疗中心,我们必须请克利夫兰卫生界更深入地参与进来,以识别和治疗那些中毒的儿童。 我们还必须在各个监狱机构里,对环境中铅和其他重金属含量,以及囚犯的血液指标进行测试,以确定螯合和其他疗法是否有益。

(6) Zack Reed

I would build upon the plan that is currently in place by fully staffing and funding our ongoing efforts to eradicate this problem. I would endorse the passage of the infrastructure bill currently before the U.S. Congress.


(7) Sandra Williams

As Mayor, I will work with our local health authorities to detect lead hazards through inspections, testing and abatement. Cleveland needs real investment in eliminating lead exposure—my executive budget will reflect that. Furthermore, I will seek federal and state resources to address infrastructure. I will also work with local utilities to test lead levels at the source and invest in certified water filters. All public buildings will be tested and addressed, and my administration will develop an incentive program to encourage private properties to replace lead corroded pipes. Our public schools will be strategically and regularly tested for lead. If tested unsafe, I will swiftly work with the public health department and school board to a plan to eliminate the exposure. I will also launch a public education campaign designed to reach the homes of our youngest residents. As the Mayor, I will work to permanently eliminate lead exposure for Cleveland’s residents.

作为市长,我将与我们当地的卫生当局合作,通过检查、测试和消除来检测铅危害。 克利夫兰需要真正的投资来消除铅暴露 — 我的执行预算将体现这一点。此外,我将寻求联邦和州资源来解决基础设施问题。我还将与当地公用事业公司合作,从源头测试铅含量,并投资有认证的滤水器。 所有公共建筑都将进行测试和处理,且我的政府将制定一项激励计划,以鼓励私人地产更换铅腐蚀的管道。我们的公立学校将定期且有策略地进行铅测试。如果测试结果不安全,我将迅速与公共卫生部门和学校董事会合作制定消除铅暴露的计划。我还将发起一项公共教育活动,旨在覆盖我们最年幼居民的家。作为市长,我将致力于永久性消除克利夫兰居民的铅暴露。

What steps would you take to encourage businesses to return to downtown with a full complement of employees?

(1) Justin Bibb:

Having a thriving urban core is essential to having a competitive city. To encourage businesses to return to Downtown, we have to get the basics right from increased access and affordable public transit, to activating more green spaces, and supporting restaurants and hospitality businesses to bounce back from COVID-19. It’s critical we support local businesses to create, retain, and keep more good jobs with good pay, and good benefits, right here. I’m committed to putting local businesses and workers first in line for city contracts; and using American Recovery Act funds to expand small business jobs. We also have to ensure we have quality programming, activities and opportunities to activate Public Square and do a better job of connecting downtown to the lakefront. And finally, I will leverage the bully pulpit of the Mayor’s Office to recruit more business and investment, promote and maximize Cleveland’s assets, and be an unwavering ambassador of the city nationally.

拥有一个繁荣的城市核心对于拥有一个具有竞争力的城市至关重要。为了鼓励企业重返市中心,我们必须做好基础工作,包括增加交通便利和人民负担得起的公共交通,激活更多绿色空间以及支持餐馆和酒店企业从 COVID-19 中恢复过来。我们支持当地企业在这里打造、坚守且保住更多薪水和福利皆丰厚的好工作这一点至关重要。我致力于将当地企业和工人置于城市合同的首位; 并利用美国复苏法案的资金来扩展小型企业的工作。 我们还必须确保我们有高质量的节目、活动和机会来激活公共广场,并更好地将市中心与湖滨连接起来。最后,我将借助市长办公室的头号讲坛,招募更多的企业和投资,提升且最大化克利夫兰的资产,并使克利夫兰成为一个坚定不移的国家级大使。

(2) Ross Dibello

The only subsidies we would consider for downtown are those that are specifically designated for the training of our residents. We want to bring down crime and make the environment more friendly to work, live and play. We want to fund public transit at appropriate levels so that it is accessible for all throughout every part of the city to transport consistently and safely. Transportation affordability and access would be a priority. We want to make Cleveland more bike friendly and bring down crime so that businesses want to be fully staffed here as opposed to other major cities or the suburbs. We would root out crony capitalism so that we are not picking winners and losers with our people’s tax dollars and benefitted one while hurting competition.

唯一一个在我们考虑范围之内的津贴项目,是专门用于培训居民的补贴。我们希望降低犯罪率,让环境更适合工作、居住和娱乐。我们希望在适当的程度上资助公共交通,以便城市各个地区的所有人始终都能安全地进行交通。 负担得起的交通运输和可达性将是一个优先事项。我们想让克利夫兰更适合骑自行车并降低犯罪率,以便企业愿意在这里配备充足的人员而不是去选择其他大城市或郊区。。我们将根除裙带资本主义,这样我们就不会用我们人民的税收来挑选赢家和输家,将一方的受益建立于竞争环境的受损之上。。

(3) Basheer Jones

It’s time to do what is necessary to attract Fortune 500 companies as well as support local, minority-owned businesses that can in turn employ others. Under the Jones Plan for a Better Cleveland, both small and large, minority and majority-owned businesses will thrive under my administration. I will provide incentives for businesses to both remain and relocate into downtown Cleveland. There is more than enough available office and retail space for us to make this happen. We just have to make it more attractive for them to do so.

现在是时候采取必要措施来吸引财富 500 强公司并支持当地的少数族裔企业,给他们机会去做他人的雇主。在“为一个更好的克利夫兰的琼斯计划”下,无论大小,少数族裔和多数族裔的企业都将在我的政府下蓬勃发展。 我将为留守和新迁到克利夫兰市中心的企业提供奖励。我们有足够多可用的办公和零售空间来实现这一目标。若想让他们这样做,我们必须把克利夫兰变得更有吸引力。

(4) Kevin Kelley

Restoring the vitality of the Downtown Neighborhood is important for the entire City. People love Downtown for the restaurants, street level retail, and general vitality. That is why we must do everything we can to help those small businesses who were most hurt by COVID. We cannot expect people to come back downtown unless there is a good reason to do so.


(5) Dennis Kucinich

First we must assure that downtown is safe. This means more police walking the beat downtown and it also means strategies to protect property during protests. The events of May 30, 2020 may have been rooted in peaceful protest, but once that protest turned violent, law enforcement strategies were lacking. The police were unprepared. The destruction that took place downtown must never happen again. When we assure that downtown is safe, people will stay and will return. Eventually, changes in air purification technology (incorporating air purification with HVAC) will help the commercial real estate industry recover and, once again, cause downtown to be the focus of work and entertainment activities. While I am ever mindful of the necessity of meeting the needs of our neighborhoods, downtown is also a neighborhood where all of us should be free to join and celebrate our city.

首先,我们必须确保市中心是安全的。这意味着更多的警察在市中心走动,这也意味着在抗议期间保护资产的策略。2020 年 5 月 30 日的事件可能起始于和平抗议,但当抗议变成暴力,当时的执法策略是一片空缺。警方毫无准备。市中心的破坏事件绝不能再发生。当我们能确保市中心的安全时,人们才会驻足并会再次拜访。最终,空气净化技术的变更(结合空气净化与暖通空调)将有助于商业地产行业复苏,并再次使市中心成为工作和娱乐活动的焦点。纵然,对于满足社区需求的必要性,我一向十分留心,而市中心同样也是一个社区,供人们自由加入并欢庆我们的城市。

(6) Zack Reed

In order to attract businesses and residents to utilize our downtown, I would focus on public safety and health. First, I would encourage everyone to get vaccinated and secondly, my administration will focus heavily on downtown crime reduction.


(7) Sandra Williams

The first step I will take to encourage businesses to return to downtown is use the American Rescue Plan dollars to provide grants to downtown businesses to reopen. I would also take additional steps to meet with downtown business owners to see what their individual needs are to get back to business. My administration will focus on meeting people where they are. I will launch a campaign to attract businesses to downtown by showing the benefits of the location. Downtown Cleveland is rich with culture, dense populations, and a workforce ready to work. My administration will highlight these features coupled with a tax credit that will be determined by the number of jobs created. Finally, I would hold a regular job fair focused on providing citizens the opportunity to gain access to companies they might not have known were seeking employees and also encourage and promote living wages.


Do you have proposals to stop Cleveland’s population loss and the area’s brain drain?

(1) Justin Bibb:

Improving public education is a top priority to prevent further population loss and brain drain in Cleveland. During COVID, we lost many families to the suburbs because our school district didn’t have the resources to compete. Now, we have an opportunity to rethink public education and prepare students for college, work and life in the 21st century. My plan for education includes developing year-long internship and apprenticeship programs inside CMSD so students graduate with real experience and are on track to full-time employment in Cleveland once they finish school. I plan to work with employers and educators to build a user-friendly system that matches residents job skills with regional job openings, and to provide paths to better pay and benefits for city residents. I will also work to ensure all residents are within 15 minutes of a school, grocery store, park, and other community assets to help create an attractive environment for businesses and residents.

改善公共教育是防止克利夫兰进一步人口流失和人才流失的首要任务。在 COVID 期间,许多家庭向郊区的转移导致了市内人口的流失,因为我们的学区没有竞争的资源。现在,我们有机会重新思考公立教育,为21世纪这个时代下学生们的大学,工作和生活做好准备。我的教育计划包括在 CMSD 内开发为期一年的实习和学徒计划,以便学生毕业时拥有实际经验,并在完成学业后有望在克利夫兰获得全职工作。我计划与雇主和教育工作者合作,建立一个用户友好的系统,将居民的工作技能与区域职位空缺相匹配,并为城市居民提供获得更多薪酬和福利的途径。我也会努力确保所有居民都生活在距离学校、杂货店,公园和其他社区资产15分钟以内的地区,以此帮助企业和居民创造一个有吸引力的环境。

(2) Ross Dibello

Fully wire the city for WiFi access, equipment and training and troubleshooting. Abating lead and supporting our public schools including working on creative problem solving and independent thinking skills and mindfulness. Keeping kids busy in the right ways with in-school, after-school and summer programs. Make sure art, music, sports and other programs remain available in public schools. Creating more opportunities for trade schools and small, locally-owned businesses. We have a few parts of town where people are encouraged to invest, while other parts of town suffer from divestment. Close language gaps and empower kids to help and create for the civic good through contests with awards and engagement. Bring back public comment to City Council meetings, make it easier for women, minorities and working class Clevelanders to get involved. Build an app and more inclusive and thorough communication methods city-wide.

为城市的 WiFi 普及,相关设备和培训,以及故障排除措施进行全面布线。减少铅中毒并支持我们的公立学校,包括致力于创造性地解决问题和独立思考技能和正念的养成。通过校内、课后和暑期课程,让孩子们以恰当的方式忙碌起来。确保公立学校继续提供艺术、音乐、体育和其他课程。为职业学校和小型本地企业创造更多机会。我们市内有几个地区鼓励人们投资,而另一些地方则遭受撤资。 缩小语言差距,让孩子们通过奖项和参与比赛帮助和创造公民利益。将公众意见带回市议会会议,让女性、少数族裔和克利夫兰工人阶级更容易参与进来。在全市内构建一个应用程序以及更具包容性且更周全的沟通方法。

(3) Basheer Jones

The easiest way to stop Cleveland’s population loss and area’s brain drain is to provide employment and leadership opportunities for all Clevelanders but especially recent graduates. People stay where they have a vested interest. I will also create pathways to leadership opportunities to retain our best and brightest as well as make sure recent graduates have access to employment opportunities. Under a Jones administration, Cleveland will be a first choice community. Cleveland has world class attractions and the potential to develop more attractions. I plan to attract new people to our city by developing a marketing plan to promote these attractions across the globe. My administration will make a concerted effort to let the world know about the many work, play and live options Cleveland has to offer.


(4) Kevin Kelley

To stabilize our population we need strong schools, safe neighborhoods, and job opportunity. To create a strong, thriving economy, we must train our young scholars and workers for the available jobs in healthcare, skilled manufacturing, information service and the trades. As Mayor, I will make sure that career readiness starts in our schools in grade school, that we promote Say Yes to Education, and all Clevelanders have a full portfolio of opportunity.


(5) Dennis Kucinich

Cleveland’s population loss will be corrected as water becomes scarce in other areas of the country. Water is our most precious and abundant resource. I helped to block a proposal where commercial interests wanted to remove our water in bulk. I worked to stop a jetport in the Lake, which would have stirred up toxic quantities of cadmium, nickel and lead from the lakebed and poisoned our lake. We are on the greatest supply of fresh water in the world. It will be easy to market a city with experienced, dynamic leadership. I’ve known President Biden for almost 50 years, I know the Democratic and Republican leadership of the Congress. I can reach out to both parties in Washington to help our city. I have worked with many of our state’s leaders, in both parties, over the years, I can work to get them to help Cleveland as well. Our……..(incomplete response)

随着全国其他地区缺水情况的发生,克利夫兰的人口流失将得到纠正。水是我们最宝贵、最丰富的资源。我帮助阻止了一项基于商业利益而试图大量移除我们水源的提案。我为制止一个湖中喷气机机场做出了努力,否则它本会导致湖床中的有毒物质镉、镍和铅混入湖水而造成污染。我们拥有世界上最大的淡水供应。 一个拥有经验丰富、充满活力的领导层的城市将很容易推广。我认识拜登总统将近 50 年了,我了解国会的民主党和共和党领导层。 我可以联系在华盛顿的兩党来帮助我们的城市。多年来,我与我们州来自两党的许多领导人一起工作过,我可以努力让他们也帮助克利夫兰。我们的……..(不完整的回应)

(6) Zack Reed

I believe that we have not done enough to encourage our young people to stay in Cleveland. There are many reasons for this exodus including safety concerns and difficulty in overcoming red tape as it pertains to starting businesses. I believe that we must create an atmosphere that encourages our best and brightest to remain here in Cleveland. I believe that we should continue to encourage our civic and business leaders to adopt a school and provide mentorship to our youth, instilling in them that there are opportunities to prosper in Cleveland. Furthermore, I believe we should intensify and expand coding education for children as young as first grade. We must also find ways to increase funding for startups. Finally, I believe we must work to attract new residents as we face this attrition. We must incentivize companies and individuals to relocate to Cleveland using the proposals outlined above. I have also proposed a mixed-used development for the property housing Burke Lakefront Airport. I believe that this new utilization of our lakeside will attract young professionals to the area.


(7) Sandra Williams

In order to stop population loss and brain drain, we must create opportunity for our talent to stay and attract new residents. As Mayor, I plan to rebuild our local economy and create a hub for commerce in Cleveland. The first step my administration will take is to clean brownfields and dilapidated buildings to create new commercial space. Recently, I championed a funding through the Ohio operating budget to invest $350 million in brownfield cleanup & $150 million in demolition across the state. The city can use these funds to invest in creating shovel ready spaces for affordable housing and to ensure environmentally safe neighborhoods throughout the city. My administration will also create job growth incentive programs through tax credits for new businesses who come into the city and employ our residents. Furthermore, my administration will work to attract entrepreneurial investment committed to advancing diversity & equity in the workplace which is essential to stopping brain drain.

为了阻止人口流失和人才流失,我们必须为我们的人才创造留下来的机会并吸引新居民。 作为市长,我计划重建我们当地的经济并在克利夫兰创建一个商业中心。 我的政府将采取的第一步是清理棕地和破旧的建筑物,以创造新的商业空间。 最近,我已支持通过俄亥俄州运营预算获得资金,在全州投资 3.5 亿美元用于棕地清理和 1.5 亿美元的拆除。 该市可以利用这些资金,为实惠房屋的建设创造出即可动工的预备空间,并确保整个城市的社区环境安全。 我的政府还将通过税收抵免为进入该市并雇用我们居民的新企业制定就业增长激励计划。 此外,我的政府将努力吸引致力于促进工作场所多元化和公平性的创业投资,这对于阻止人才流失至关重要。

How do you propose to combat the increase in absentee landlords, mortgage foreclosures, decreasing home values, blight, and abandoned housing stock?

(1) Justin Bibb:

It is time we put people and neighborhoods first. I’ll direct resources to address core issues that impact our neighborhoods and will fight to protect and strengthen the quality of life for residents. On day one, I will use every element of the law to take bold, proactive, decisive action to hold predatory companies and polluters accountable for exploiting and destroying our neighborhoods. I’ll work to pass pay to stay legislation to protect tenants from immediate eviction, take legal action against any owners failing to register rental units and issue Notices of Violations for breaches, and expand housing and building codes and ordinances to apply to third-party agents. I’ll incentivize our neighbors to rehab, improve and otherwise invest in their homes. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and enjoy streets that are free from trash. This is basic and environmental justice isn’t just a buzzword, it’s my commitment to you.

现在是我们把人和社区放在首位的时候了。 我将通过分配资源来解决影响我们社区的核心问题,并将努力保护和提高居民的生活品质。 从第一天起,我将利用法律的每一个要素,采取大胆、积极、果断的行动,向剥削和破坏我们社区的掠夺性公司和污染者问责。 我将为“付款即可住宿”立法的通过做出努力,以保护租户免遭立即驱逐,对任何未能注册出租单元的业主采取法律行动,发布关于违规行为的通知,并扩大住房和建筑法规和条例以适用于第三方代理。 我将激励我们的邻居进行康复治疗,对他们的家园进行改善或者投资。 每个人都值得呼吸干净的空气,喝干净的水,享受没有垃圾的街道。 这是基本的,环境正义不是一个流行口号,它是我对你的承诺。

(2) Ross Dibello

Hire more attorneys in the legal department and pay them at more competitive rates. Talk with the Housing Court and Legal Aid. Safeguard the tax dollars we do have by greatly reducing the handouts to big, foreign business and ending the 15-year tax abatement. Use the money we save from corporate welfare to re-invest back in the public good including housing, public schools, transportation and health. Try and utilize Land Trusts and the City Land Bank and put young kids to work training them to help build houses for their families and neighbors. Clean up vacant storefronts using grant money and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles to getting permits and other paperwork. I want to treat the neighborhoods that have been left behind as future gathering spots. Downtown will have investment and the wealthy developers no longer need uncapped abatements but many other areas of the city need help.

在法律部门聘请更多律师,并支付他们更具竞争力的报酬。 与房屋法庭和法律援助部交谈。 通过大幅减少对外国大型企业的施舍和结束 15 年的减税政策,保护我们原本拥有的税收。 使用我们从企业福利中节省的资金重新投资于公共产品,包括住房、公立学校、交通和健康。 尝试并利用土地信托基金和城市土地银行,让年轻人行动起来,培训他们帮助家人和邻居建造房屋。 使用赠款清理空置店面,消除官僚障碍以获得许可证和其他文书。 我想把那些曾被忽略的街区当作未来的聚集地来对待。 市中心将会有投资,富裕的开发商不再需要无上限的减税,但城市的许多其他地区需要帮助。

(3) Basheer Jones

First of all, we need to hold landlords accountable to the upkeep of their property. I will increase the rate of housing inspections and fine those property owners who fail to meet the code requirements. I will remove blight my by creating a plan to demolish homes fallen to disrepair and work with developers to be build  building new affordable housing, One of the biggest problems with home values in Cleveland is banks unwillingness to lend to homes valued under $50k while the average home in Cleveland is valued under $40k. I will work with financial institutions to develop lending programs for those residents who wish to repair their homes. That’s how we will increase values.

首先,我们需要让房东对其财产的维护负责。我将提高房屋检测率,对不符合规范要求的业主进行罚款。为清除城市凋零,我制定了一项计划,拆除年久失修的房屋,并与开发商合作建造可负担得起的新房,克利夫兰房价的最大问题之一是银行不愿意贷款给房价低于 5 万美元的房屋,而克利夫兰的一般房屋价格是低于4 万美元。我将与金融机构合作,为希望修缮他们房屋的居民制定贷款计划。这就是我们提升房价的方式。

(4) Kevin Kelley

I will focus on eliminating blight. This begins with demolishing the remaining 4000+ houses on the demo list, aggressive housing code enforcement, and enforcement of the rental registry and lead safe certification. In addition I will continue to support tools such as loan loss reserve funds, such as the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative in underserved neighborhoods.

我将专注于消除城市凋零。首先是拆除在拆迁清单上剩余的 4000 多所房屋,强力实施住房法规,并执行租赁登记和铅安全认证。此外,对于诸如贷款损失准备金,或者“中间社区倡议”这些针对服务欠缺的社区的策略,我将继续支持下去。

(5) Dennis Kucinich

Cleveland’s banks are going to have to invest more in our neighborhoods and make low interest home repair loans more readily available so people can fix up their property and stay in Cleveland. We have to stop tax abatements which are shifting the burden of taxation onto older homeowners who are being forced out of neighborhoods because of rising taxes. We have to offer special property tax breaks to seniors in tax-abated areas. As chairman of the congressional subcommittee that investigated Wall Street and the subprime mortgage meltdown, I know how sharp marketing and lending practices set up tens of thousands of Clevelanders, particularly in Cleveland’s black community, for foreclosures. Under my administration we will track foreclosures, arrange forbearance, and try to keep people in their homes. As to blight, we have structures which must be torn down. The money is there. I want to build 20,000 new low and moderate income housing units to give our people a better life.

克利夫兰的银行将有必要为我们的社区做更多投资,并使低息房屋维修贷款更容易获得,以便人们对他们的资产进行修善并留在克利夫兰。我们必须停止减税,因为减税正将税收负担转移至老年房主,迫使他们在增税的压力下离开社区。我们必须为减税地区的老年人提供特殊的财产税减免。 作为调查华尔街和次级抵押贷款崩溃的国会小组委员会的主席,我知道敏锐的营销和借贷行为是如何使数以万计的克利夫兰人,尤其是克利夫兰的黑人社区,丧失抵押品赎回权。在我的政府管理下,我们将追踪法院拍卖房屋,安排宽限处理,并努力帮人们保住自己的家。至于城市凋零,我们有必须拆除的建筑物。钱已在那里了。我要新建2万套中低收入住房,让人民有更好的生活。

(6) Zack Reed

I think that we should implement an online portal which residents could use to lodge complaints against suspected absentee landlords. I’d also give strong consideration to the model proposed in Cleveland Heights, which is to revoke a certificate of occupancy for up to one year for any residence deemed to be a public nuisance. As for curbing foreclosures and decreasing home values, I believe that we should begin teaching financial literacy in our schools and provide courses for first time homebuyers. We must also address blight by holding landlords accountable and by training our returning citizens in the area of home revitalization and construction.


(7) Sandra Williams

As I stated previously, a significant way to reduce the number of absentee landlords, mortgage foreclosures, decreasing home values, blight and abandoned housing stock is to aggressively invest in brownfield cleanup and demolition of abandoned housing and commercial buildings. This can open the door to affordable housing and commercial development to restore neighborhoods and build new neighborhoods. This will both help to retain current residents and create new neighborhoods to attract new residents. We can also use a significant portion of the American Rescue Plan funding to create a public/private/non-profit socially responsible investment fund to enable us to leverage public and private dollars into a long-term invest pool generating hundreds of millions of dollars to attract entrepreneurial investment and neighborhood clean up in an effort to combat the increase in absentee landlords, mortgage foreclosures, decreasing home values, blight, and abandoned housing stock.